Astro Pinball
Astro Pinball 1982 by Vtech published by Vtech
Platforms: CreatiVision
Genre: Pinball
Epic Pinball
Epic Pinball 1993 by Epic Games published by Epic Games
Platforms: Windows
Genre: Pinball
Full Tilt! Pinball
Full Tilt! Pinball 1995 by Cinematronics published by Maxis
Platforms: Mac Windows
Genre: Pinball
Pinball World
Pinball World 1995 by Spidersoft published by Rebellion
Platforms: Linux MS-DOS
Genre: Pinball
Pipi & Bibi's
Pipi & Bibi's 1991
Platforms: Arcade
Genre: Pinball
Roll'm Up
Roll'm Up 1999
Platforms: Linux
Genre: Pinball
Visual Pinball
Visual Pinball 2000
Platforms: Windows
Genre: Pinball
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