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Our goal is to support every game which runs on Linux,
from native to Windows games (via Wine) to emulators and
browser games. The desktop application and the website
are libre software, your contributions are welcome!
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PSP and PS2 supported, forums are online

Published by strider, 5 months ago

Lutris has been updated to version, this release brings in a few fixes, mostly related to Wine games installations (it is now possible to install League of Legends without any issue).

Also part of this release is two new game runners: PSP with PPSSPP emulator and PS2 with PCSX2 . It is now also possible to set the extended kickstart ROM required to play Amiga CD 32 games.

For those using the OBS repository the client should already be up to date. The AUR repository should also be updated soon.

On another subject, we now have forums! As these share the same login credentials as the main website, you will be required to confirm your email address to access the forums. If you are using a, or email, please change to another provider as we cannot send emails to these domains. Any help from experienced sysadmins to fix this issue (mainly properly setting up DKIM, SPF and DMARC so we can eventually send emails to Microsoft owned domains) would be greatly appreciated!

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