Future Pinball

released in 2004 by Christopher Leathley
  • Wine version last published 2 weeks, 3 days ago
    Play "Future Pinball" with "Back to the future Ultimate" table on Linux!
    - Main controls: left and right SHIFT key for flippers, 5=add coins, 1=start, ENTER=pull plunger, ESC=exit table, F5=launch table
    - "Future Pinball" official version with 2.7 physics
    - FP supports natively x360 gamepad. But if like me you prefer use triggers as flippers, you will find x360 (AntiMicroX) profil(s) here:
    - Not BAM tables compatible

Future Pinball is a free pinball construction program supporting OpenGL for the 3D graphics, Visual Basic for the table logic and Newton Game Dynamics for physics. The included editor can create, load or play tables. When playing, the table and its arcade environment are rendered in full 3D, with the possibility of switching between several views with the functions keys. The graphics engine is scalable, supporting a broad range of old and new hardware. Several custom tables created by users are available to download on internet.


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