Heroes of Newerth

released in 2010 by S2 Games published by S2 Games
  • Linux Heroesofnewerth.com Linux-4.10.1 version last published 1 year, 1 month ago
    Make sure you choose a destination folder that does not contain any space in its path!
    Please go to https://kongor.online to register a Project: Kongor Heroes of Newerth account if you don't have one already!

    The official website heroesofnewerth.com and all forums are now offline. If you still want to play you can join the community project kongor at: https://kongor.online. The download of the original linux client is on a mirror now.

    You can join the Project: Kongor support/community channel with this discord invite:
  • Wine Windows version last published 1 year, 1 month ago
    A Linux version does exist and runs great. But for compatibility reason you can also use the wine/windows version. Make sure no spaces are in the target path!
    Please register an account on the public private community masterserver at: https://kongor.online if you don't have one already to be able to login and play!

Heroes of Newerth pits two teams of players against each other: the Legion and the Hellbourne. Both teams are based at opposite corners of the map in their respective bases. Bases consist of buildings, creep spawn points, towers, a hero spawning pool, and a central structure. The goal of the game is to either destroy the central structure, world tree (Legion) or Sacrificial Shrine (Hellbourne), of the opposite base or force the other team to concede. Players achieve this by selecting heroes with unique skills to combat the other team.


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