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  • Wine GOG + DxWnd version last published 5 months, 1 week ago

    This script will install "Moto Racer 1" GOG edition with support for modern computer configuration. During install please let all options by default. This script uses DxWnd: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ Many thanks to the people who helped us to play this game in the best conditions.

    - x360 gamepad natively supported
    Known issue:
    - Multiplayer mode does not work and could crash the game
    - Please report issue concerning this script on my GitHub page:

An arcade motorcycle racer in which both superbike and motocross events are available. Game modes include Practice, Time Attack, in which players race against their own replays, Single Races against computer-controlled opponents, and a Championship Circuit. Network or Internet play for up to 8 players is available as well.

Winning the championship unlocks additional courses out of the 4 road and 4 dirt tracks available, as well as the new game options Reverse and Pocket Bike. In Reverse mode the tracks are raced in the opposite direction, while in Pocket Bike mode every racer is given a miniature version of his motorcycle.

A free track add-on extends the game with one additional course for sportbikes and dirtbikes each.