League of Legends

released in 2009 by Riot Games published by Riot Games

This game requires kernel-level anticheat software which is unsupported on Linux.

  • What is a kernel level anticheat? Some game anticheats install a driver on the system that runs at kernel level, giving itself access to everything in the machine.
  • Are kernel anticheats better than regular anticheats? No, they aren't. Many online games have more traditional anticheat methods and do not have more cheaters than games using a kernel driver.
  • Will this anticheat work on Linux? No, it won't. Those anticheats rely on running on a genuine Windows OS (most of them won't even run in a virtual machine). On Linux, Windows games run through the Wine compatibility layer. Wine does not have the ability to install and use Windows kernel drivers on Linux.
  • What can Lutris do about it? Nothing. Do not ask for support for this game. Do not attempt running this game on Linux unless you have time to waste. If you want to voice a complaint, go to the game publisher.
  • What can I do about it? If the game is available on a streaming platform such as Geforce Now, then you can use that. Otherwise, you'll have to play from a Windows machine. You can also choose to play one of the many online competitive games that do work on Linux. Here are a few:

Apex Legends Counter-Strike 2 Dota 2 Farlight 84 Overwatch 2 Warframe

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Infected with kernel level anticheat