X Rebirth

released in 2013

X Rebirth is a single-player space trading and combat game developed by Egosoft, published by Deep Silver (Europe) and Tri Synergy (America). It is the sixth installment in the X universe adventure video game series, following X3: Albion Prelude (2012), as the new sequel to the last game title.[1] The game runs on Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows. Egosoft Director Bernd Lehahn has stated that X Rebirth will not be available on consoles.[2]

X Rebirth incorporates open-ended (or "sandbox") gameplay.[3] As with previous installments in the series the game will take place in a universe that is active even when the player is not present, involving simulated trade, combat, piracy, and other features. The player as an individual may take part in these or other actions to gain notoriety or wealth, going so far as to be able to construct their own space installations and command fleets of starships, establishing what amounts to their own personal empire and dynamically and drastically altering the game world in the process.

Prior to launch, the developers announced that X Rebirth would feature a new interface design, intended to reduce the initial complexity for new players. However, they asserted that the game mechanics would remain comparable in complexity to those found in previous X series titles.[4] However, after release, many people attacked a lot of the design decisions made by Egosoft, and a number of customers requested refunds.[5][6]

On 2015-03-12 the first version (build 0) was released for Linux.[7]

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