• Genre: Sports
  • Platform: Amiga, Apple IIGS, Commodore 64, MS-DOS
  • Release year: 1985

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Imagine, playing golf on more than 12 of the world's greatest courses, all on the same day. Start in Scotland, on the challenging links of St. Andrews. Next, how about Georgia, and the lush greens of Augusta? End your day on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, at the beautiful Pebble Beach. And, when you've mastered the world's best, no problem, simply design your own "soon-to-be" classics.

The left half of the screen displays a bird's eye view of the entire hole.

Use the cursor to aim your shot. The automatic "range finder" lets you instantly check club distance.

Course and player updates give you information about the current hole. Check such factors as wind conditions, lie of the ball, yards to the pin and current score.

Golfer's eye-view display shows a realistic first-person view of all terrain and hazards.

The power meter lets you adjust backswing, down-swing and moment of impact, then watch the action.