Wonder Stick

released in 1998 published by Yun Sung

Wonder Stick is an adult maze game in the model of the 1981 Konami classic, Amidar. The objective is to encircle sections on a grid while avoiding the enemies in order to remove the blocks and reveal the hidden nude image underneath. Once all of the blocks are removed the stage is complete.

The player character is penguin that drops a line to encircle blocks while the button is held down. At the start of each line the player drops a tag. The tag will return to the player if the button is let go or will circle around any blocks that are fully enclosed by the line. Enemies can be killed by this moving tag and will drop either power-ups or food items for the player. If a situation gets too hairy the player may use a help, denoted by the fish icons in the upper-left hand corner, which will momentarily stun enemies and allow the player to pass by them unscathed.

Every five levels the player gets to play a bonus level where he can travel a grid with no enemies for the purpose of picking up food items and extra lives before the end of the time limit. The game is over once the player has lost all of his lives

  • Platform: Arcade

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