Wing Commander: Academy

released in 1993

The Wing Commander Academy trains every student in a variety of different classes and exercises that will adequately prepare him or her for real-life combat in space. In our effort to save the Confederation from the depredations of the Kilrathi, we can only afford to send the very best pilots out to defend our homes. Innumerable hours of training, classes and simulator practice turn our students into ace Confederation pilots before they launch their first actual mission. In my opinion, the tcsn flight simulator is by far the most important educational tool this academy has to offer. The simulator will not only teach you how to fly, but more importantly it will show you how to survive. In the countless simulated missions you embark on during this part of your training, you will fight Kilrathi ships and Kilrathi pilots in hijacked Confederation ships.

You will endeavor to blow enemy capital ships out of space and defend your own space station against attacking forces. Since the simulator is programmed to realistically imitate real conditions in space, it will also teach you how to effectively navigate asteroid and mine fields and retrieve ejected pilots or data capsules from space. The TCSN flight simulator will show you what you really came here to learn. Use it wisely, and the lessons you learn at this console will save your life when you actually face a swarm of Kilrathi in a grueling dogfight.

  • Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Shooter
  • Platform: Windows

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