Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning

released in 2008 published by EA, electronic arts
  • Wine Installer version last published 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    Uses the Game Installer
    - Before running the installer, you have to:
    -- Create an account on https://www.returnofreckoning.com
    -- Download the Installer from the website: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/join.php#download
  • Wine Launcher version last published 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    This method can be slow, due to bandwidth limitations of the server. Consider using Installer version.
    -- Before running this script installer, you have to:
    --Create an account on https://www.returnofreckoning.com

This is for the Private server Warhammer Online as the live sever was shut down many years ago

Warhammer Online: The Age of Reckoning, is Mythic Entertainment's contribution to the still growing MMORPG genre based in the Warhammer universe.

Warhammer Online boasts a robust PvP system with many character classes unique to the universe as well. These include Ironbreakers, Black Orcs, Chosen, Disciple of Khaine, Marauders, and more.

While most of the content is available through PvP (or RvR, "Realm versus Realm") gameplay, Warhammer Online also boasts PvE experiences including public quests, raid instances, and more. There are also world events that occur from time to time where players can participate for status and loot. The "Heavy Metal" event was one that took place over many days.

Players can choose to level independently in PvE or PvP, the later of which involves running instanced PvP scenarios, or can occur in the overworld in common areas. There are a variety of servers as well, including those with the standard rule sets, but also those where PvP is allowed anywhere in the world. No place is safe here!

Warhammer Online also features a new concept - public quests. This enables large numbers of players to involve themselves with PvE raids without having to hassle much with organizing ambitious raid parties. Players can jump in or leave at anytime and are rewarded based upon their level of participation.

The game is based in Warhammer's original "Age of Reckoning" world.

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