War of the Monsters

released in 2003 by Incognito Entertainment published by Sony Computer Entertainment
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version

Get ready to embody the soul of a 100-foot-tall monstrosity as you clash with opponents in thriving cities, run rampant through bustling streets, pulverise opponents with body slams, and fight off military defences. War of the Monsters lets you relive your favourite monster movies with 10 different creatures engaging in all-out carnage. Ten fully interactive environments offer numerous weapons, including steel girders, radio antennas, moving vehicles, building rubble, army tanks, and more.

Clobber opponents with thunderous uppercuts, hand-to-hand weapons, and destructive special attacks. Use huge hunks of debris as a shield, topple buildings onto your foes, or pick up and throw tanker trucks like toys. Take advantage of environmental attacks such as tidal waves and earthquakes to defeat your opponent and claim total domination. Skilfully scale towering buildings, wage war on rooftops, and bring them crashing down.


-You are a 100 feet tall monster
-Pulverize other monsters and fight off military defenses
-10 huge creatures engaging in all out mayhem
-10 fully interactive environments
-For 1-2 players

  • Genre: Beat'em up, Fighting
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2, Sony Playstation 4


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