• Genre: Action
  • Platform: Arcade
  • Release year: 2007

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Wall-E has been sent to Earth to gather up garbage, but he's also been sent to a Jakks Pacific all-in-one TV Game. The Wall-E shaped controller plugs into any television and lets kids control both Wall-E and EVE as they look for hidden artifacts on Earth. There are also three mini-games that offer multiple levels of problem solving challenges. As with all of the Jakks Pacific TV Games, it's a very simple matter of plugging in two standard RCA cables, one for audio, one for video. The controller also needs 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Once turned on the game loads and is ready to go. Wall-E's head acts as the joystick in this game, with the A and B control buttons on the left side. There's also a menu button that can be missed, it's disguised as Wall-E's bug friend