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Wakfu is an MMORPG. It takes place in its own particular fantasy universe (the World of Twelve) and is the sequel to the MMORPG Dofus. It is part of a transmedia project along with the cartoon Wakfu airing on French TV. It borrows a part of its aesthetics from Japanese anime style, but with a French twist (the original version features many references to the popular culture of the Northern France, where the game was developed). The overall atmosphere of the game is comical and tongue in cheek.

The game's features include a turn-based combat system, a political system including elections, and a dynamic ecological system. The players have to choose whether to protect or exploit nature (and get aligned with either Wakfu or Stasis), and assume the consequences of their actions (for instance some species may become extinct). Also, characters with a high Wakfu stat will plant seeds faster, and characters with a high Stasis stat will harvest resources faster. Material gathering and crafting are a big part of Wakfu's gameplay, as most of the game's items can be either gathered from monsters or natural resources or crafted by using the gathered resources. Every zone has its own ecological and political rules that reward or punish certain types of action with Citizenship Points. For instance cutting protected trees or killing protected monsters will remove Citizenship Points or on the contrary, planting rare trees or introducing endangered species will yield Citizenship Points. The number of points a character has will determine his or her role in the society, such as being permitted to vote, becoming an outlaw, or even try and be elected as governor.

Each character has their own personal space, the Haven Bag, that can be customized into a farm, shop, garden or a combination of spaces with different uses. Gathering material in the Haven Bag does not give experience, but it can help farming a rare resource or endangered species.

The game offers 18 different classes of characters to play. Every class has a unique set of 15 magic skills, five for three different elements (Fire, Water, Wind or Earth), as well as its own passive and active abilities. Most players tend to specialize in a specific element: and Eniripsa who primarily uses water element (Healing) magics, or a Iop who uses only fire element attacks. Magic skills level-up after battle, but the other abilities are leveled-up manually by distributing points earned when the character gains levels. In battle, every ability has combination of Ability Points (AP), Movement Points (MP) or Wakfu Points (WP) cost to be used.

  • Genre: MMORPG, Turn-based tactics
  • Platform: Linux, Windows
  • Website: www.wakfu.com

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