W3D Hub Launcher

released in 2015

W3D Hub

W3D Hub is a community that makes and distributes Command & Conquer First Person Shooters and some other games based on the W3D Engine.

Our games are NOT pay-to-win, they are 100% FREE to play, forever.

Since 2015, W3D Hub has been the authority on developing game projects for Command & Conquer Renegade's W3D Engine. Building off the back of the now-defunct 'Bluehell Productions', the team at W3D Hub has cultivated a strong infrastructure and knowledge-base that continues to expand and evolve every year. We have built our team with developers who have a large amount of experience creating mods in the W3D game engine; some of whom have been actively developing content ever since Renegade was released back in 2002.

Our mission statement is to preserve the knowledge of how to develop games using the W3D Engine, as well as to create projects that push the envelope at what the engine is capable of.


The W3D Hub launcher is a one-stop shop for your W3D gaming needs, providing game downloads and automatic updating, an integrated server browser, centralized management of in-game options and many other features. As one of our core products we will continue to evolve this service and add new and exciting features in the future, such as a server chat lobby and buddy lists.

  • Genre: Tactical shooter
  • Platform: Windows
  • Website: w3dhub.com

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