Ultima VII: The Black Gate

released in 1992 by Origin Systems published by Origin Systems

Ultima VII: The Black Gate delivers a first chapter of Book Three in the exciting, world-renowned Ultima saga! You, the Avatar, receive a mysterious and taunting message from another dimension. The sender is a malevolent entity whose entire threat to Britannia is unclear. But one thing is certain – this being possesses enormous power and malicious intent.

When you arrive in Britannia, you find that it has been 200 years since your last visit. Though society has advanced, the land is ravaged by a number of plagues – an incurable disease is striking the mages at an alarming rate, pollution and ecological waste are running rampant, and the once-reliable Moongates are malfunctioning. On top of it all, a wave of gruesome murders is sweeping across the townships. Your job is to discover who – or what – is behind it all.

  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: MS-DOS

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