Ultima Online

released in 1997 by Origin Systems published by Electronic Arts

"A world in which you can not only fight, craft, explore, and triumph…

It’s an expansive, immersive sandbox world enjoyed by thousands of players all over the world every day. It’s an innovative and unmatched experience in the realm of massively multiplayer online role playing games.

It’s a world where your character can craft their own weapons, armor, and equipment…along with build their own house and furniture to fill it with. A world that you can explore the darkest of dungeons…or sail across the world on a heavy warship with its own cannons, loaded with whatever complement of ammunition you find appropriate.

A world where you can choose to be a stalwart defender who uses the force of their arms and armor to protect those around you, or a despicable villain who preys on those who take a wrong turn into danger.

…it’s a world in which you can live.

So when you ask what is Ultima Online, the best answer one can give is that it is not simply a game of fighting or exploring or anything else…the best answer one can give is that it is truly a world for your character to live and exist in. A world that has developed and is still developing, expanding and growing all the time.

So join us and be part of a legacy that’s existed for more than fifteen years and is still going strong. And once again, welcome to Britannia and welcome to Ultima Online."

  • Genre: Fantasy, MMORPG
  • Platform: Windows
  • Website: uo.com


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