Tortuga: Two Treasures

released in 2007 by Ascaron Entertainment GmbH published by Ascaron
  • Wine MyAbandonware version last published 1¬†year, 2¬†months ago
    The game is considered abandonware, and can be downloaded from
    Please download the game and mount the ISO, then run the installer.

    At the final step of the installer you only need to keep PhysX and optionally DirectX selected. The game uses an old version of PhysX, and even though its installation might throw an error at the end, it will still successfully install.

Tortuga: Two Treasures is a pirate-themed action adventure game. Players take the role of Thomas "Hawk" Blythe, captain of the Hawkwind, his 18th century frigate.

Hawk is a swashbuckling rascal very much like Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) - a charming rogue and a ladies' man with the tendency to get himself into trouble. With Sangua, his "voodoo priestess" girlfriend, Hawk sets sail on the high seas to recover the legendary treasure of Sir Henry Morgan for none other than the famous pirate Blackbeard.

Players will command the crew of the Hawkwind during fierce ship-to-ship ocean battles against the British Navy, ghost ships and other pirate vessels. Raise and lower the sails; fire the cannons; board enemy vessels and fight on deck with swords and other melee weapons. Trade elements feature a way of restocking the ship with cannons and ammunition, or for offloading booty from recent plundering activities. Adventure situations and missions progress the story.

The game is controlled using both the keyboard and mouse, or elect to use a gamepad controller.

  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Platform: Windows


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