Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown

released in 2005 by Red Storm Entertainment published by Ubisoft
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown is a squad-based tactical military FPS (First Person Shooter). The game takes place in multiple locales from Paris to South Africa as the Rainbow team tracks an international group of terrorists. The controls match that of a standard PC Shooter with the addition of context-based squad commands and actions. The PC version tries to maintain the action-oriented feel of the console version while improving on all aspects that predominate the PC FPS genre.

The PC version offers several improvements over the console versions. In addition to added classic maps like Mint and 747 there are additional kit items, added multiplayer modes, updated graphics on all maps, added HDR effects, re-ordered campaign list, updated weapons and AI improvements.

The differences between the console versions are the number of missions and the availability of certain gadgets. There is an offline two-player, split-screen cooperative mode available (up to 4 over Xbox live) and full online multiplayer up to 16 players featuring traditional deathmatch, objective-based games and CTF modes, on Xbox and PS2. While the PS2 version includes a Rivalry mode, Xbox online multiplayer has an RPG element: the P.E.C. mode (Persistent Elite Creation). Before playing, you choose an avatar and a class with specific abilities (commando, engineer, spec op and medic). While playing, you earn credits and experience, which can be traded in for new weapons, items or amour. Gear regularly needs to be repaired, shown by the durability level, and experience can be used to assign skills points to abilities, individualizing your character.

  • Genre: Action, FPS, Tactical shooter
  • Platform: GameCube, Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Windows

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