The Settlers 3

released in 1998 by Blue Byte published by Ubisoft
  • Wine CD/DVD version last published 6¬†months, 3¬†weeks ago
    The installer relies on the setup.exe on CD2 of The Settlers III (Gold) CDs
    Codec Intel Indeo video 5 needed for Intro video.

    If your game does not come in v1.60 from CD, it is recommended to patch it and replace the S3.exe file with a version that supports WinXP (NT-based Systems like Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10).

    CD1 is used to run the game after installation from CD2.

Orgies and feasts day in, day out! So it's no wonder that the gods have neglected their duties all too much. When HE, the highest of all gods, summons them to him in anger, they are in for a really nasty surprise.

THE SETTLERS III are here, busier and cuter than ever before. Take over the leadership of the industrious Romans, the skillful Egyptians or the combative Asians. Start by colonizing an island or a piece of land. You have lumberjacks, carpenters, fishermen, priests and many other settlers at your disposal. Let your subjects provide food, build houses and trade! Recruit archers, swordsmen and spearmen, build castles and towers. This way you can protect yourself from attacks or launch your own campaigns of conquest.

DIE SIEDLER III offers you new graphics, new strategic elements, expanded navigation and extensive online functions. Get on board and discover a completely new and exciting world of settlers with DIE SIEDLER III!

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