The Oregon Trail

released in 1971 by MECC
  • mame Apple IIGS version
  • auto Steam(Auto) version
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Journey back to 1848 and become a pioneer on your way to a new life in the Oregon Territory. But first you must master the challenge of the hazardous cross-country trek from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley. So grab your hat, hitch up your oxen, and experience the adventure and excitement of MECC's The Oregon Trail!

* Travel 2,000 miles of untamed wilderness...
* Talk to colorful characters...
* Ford raging rivers...
* All on the way to your new home in Oregon!
* This award-winning package features:
* Hundreds of variations, keeping the game new, exciting, and challenging each time you play.
* Management Options, giving you the flexibility to control the game.
* An easy-to-follow User's Guide, allowing you to begin playing with little start-up time.

  • Genre: Educational, Simulation
  • Platform: Apple IIGS, Atari 800, CDC Cyber 70, HP 2100, MS-DOS, Windows

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