The Journeyman Project 1: Pegasus Prime

released in 1997 by Presto Studios published by Presto Studios

Return to the spectacular origin of the acclaimed Journeyman Project series in this specially enhanced anniversary edition. Get primed for time travel as Agent 5, in a desperate mission to stop a mysterious terrorist behind a series of ‘rips’ in the time-space continuum. Immerse yourself in a series of amazing worlds, encountering fascinating challenges and characters along your way. It’s a non-linear race against the clock to stop the deadly temporal distortion waves before you — and your world along with it — become history!

- Features all the rich worlds from the original award-winning adventure game, expanded with upgraded graphics and seamlessly integrated with full-motion video.

- Dozens of puzzles and challenges with adjustable difficulty settings and assistance from online artificial intelligence at your disposal.

- Incorporates "lost-features" from the unreleased Playstation version.

- Immersive gameplay, fascinating characters, and a remastered soundtrack provide a dynamic experience.