The Forge Arena

released in 2018

The Forge Arena is a 5vs5 Competitive First Person Shooter on PC. Play it NOW on Early Access for FREE! Our competitive game mode features a two phase round where both teams compete to gather points by completing certain objectives. In the first phase, the objective is to capture the orb which sits in the middle of the arena. The focus shifts during the second phase when the team who captured the previous objective becomes the aggressors in a typical bomb site scenario..

To gain an edge over their opponents, players must manage their economy to equip themselves with the weapons of choice. Choose wisely from the wide variety of weapons and attachments that the 26th century world of Edenos has to offer.

  • Genre: Action-adventure, Adventure, Fantasy, FPS, Horror, Life simulation, Open World, Real-time, Sci-fi, Sexual Content, Shooter, Space flight, Strategy, Survival, Violent, Virtual life, Wargame
  • Platform: Windows
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