• Genre: Adventure
  • Platform: MS-DOS

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n the 70 desolate years since the horrifying murders chronicled in THE 7th GUEST, the town of Harley has been ominously silent.

Only when journalist Robin Morales vanishes while investigating the rotting abandoned mansion of legendary toy maker Henry Stauf, do events resurrect the malignant past. As Robin's colleague and lover, Carl Denning, you come to the ravaged estate to find her. What you uncover in its decaying chambers embroils the entire town in a deadly legacy of madness.

With over an hour of live action video in The 11th Hour: the sequel to The 7th Guest, the renowned developers at TRILOBYTE have created the most powerfully graphic cinematic challenge ever. A wide array of games, puzzles and quests weaves intricately into a time - bending, contemporary adult mystery. Only the deepest horrors of the mind could spread such terror in the night. Every moment is riddled with clues. Three mysterious women are your only guides. Will you ever find Robin and unearth Stauf's fate at last? Or seal your own forever? It all must come together at The 11th Hour.


Fully explore the beautifully rendered rooms with faster, smoother 3-D graphics than ever before.
Participate in a suspenseful interactive drama by famed writer Matthew Costello, featuring first rate actors and a new musical score by The Fat Man.
Solve four CD's worth of diverse and perilous challenges, presented in an intricate and elegantly designed folio.
Watch high quality, full motion video without any additional hardware required.
Get hints instantly without ever having to backtrack.