• Genre: Strategy
  • Platform: Linux
  • Release year: 2018
  • Website: topunivers.com

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The mechanics of the game are close to the StarCraft: the player needs to gather resources, develop cities and build new settlements, learn technology and fight in real time.

A distinctive feature of the game is the dynamics:
The game encourages the player to build new cities. But with the advent of each new settlement you have a new front for the battle. As a consequence, you need to participate in a variety of local battles, maneuver the units in different parts of the map.

We studied a lot of the StarCraft balance systems. It is based on mechanics where each type of unit has a unique purpose (its strengths and weaknesses). Based on this, we build a military system of the Taste of Power. In it each type of unit has a special purpose (strong in one situation and weak in another). In addition to the mission, the troops have abilities the competent use of which can bring victory even in a losing situation.

The relief: the game map has a corridor system where several paths lead to each of the cities. In them wide platforms and narrow passages alternate. Due to this, the importance of monitoring strategic passes increases. A choice of position for the battle is one of the key factors that determine the victory.

Discover a new word in real-time strategies and feel the Taste of Power.