• Genre: Adventure, Exploration, jRPG, Role-playing, RPG, Sandbox
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
  • Developer: Irem
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Release year: 2005

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"...if Hayao Miyazaki created a sandbox-style game, it would probably look a lot like this." -Hardcore Gamer Magazine

As cars become more and more common on city streets, the Trotmobile came into being. This two-legged, walking metal vehicle could be adapted to a variety of road conditions and purposes. As the industrial revolution continued, the Trotmobile's popularity increased. People placed their hopes and dreams on the backs of these wonderful machines, marching toward a better life just beyond their reach...

-"Sandbox" style gameplay offers a fantastic non-linear adventure!
-Make your living playing in a band, hauling cargo, or even as a Trotmobile arena fighter. The choice is yours!
-Customize your gameplay experience!
-Buy parts to pimp out your Trotmobile!
-Battle over land, sea, and air in your Trotmobile!
-Fight an overwhelming number of enemies and gigantic boss machines!