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In the distant future, the newly formed Terran Dominion faces the arrival of two hostile alien races: the savage Zerg and the enigmatic Protoss. Gather resources and expand your forces to lead them to victory. The only allies are enemies. The only choice is war.

* 3 Unique Alien Species
Whether you command the nomadic Terrans, mysterious Protoss or voracious Zerg, you must devise totally unique strategies to master the specialized units, abilities and technologies of each

* Multiple Theaters of Battle
Engage in a deadly mix of space combat, planetary assault and covert base infiltration. Command Ghost Espionage Agents, Protoss High Templars and Zerg Defilers as you seek to conquer the galaxy

* Intense Internet Competition
Challenge the world with FREE access to Blizzard Battle.net. Up to 8 player Internet support including worldwide player rankings, tournaments and challenge ladders

* Unequaled Campaign Editor
Construct individual missions or entire campaigns with unrivaled options and ease