Star Trek Starfleet Command III

released in 2002 published by Activision
  • Wine CDROM only version last published 2 years, 11 months ago
    Installs game from CD.
    After installation, you will need to install a patch and/or mod using the Run EXE inside wine prefix option. Recommend using the 534b patch:;28800
    Do NOT install DirectX 8 when offered.
    Do NOT install GameSpy when offered.
    Renamed the Cinema directory to prevent resolution change problems at startup.
  • Wine CDROM + patch version last published 2 years, 11 months ago
    Installs from CD, then installs a user downloaded patch.
    Recommend the 534b patch:;28800
    Download the desired patch before installing.
    Do NOT install DirectX 8 when prompted.
    Do NOT install GameSpy when prompted.
    Renamed the Cinema directory to prevent resolution change problems at startup.
    Unfortunately, I don't know how to automatically download a patch, so the user must download manually.
  • Wine CDROM x64 Windows 10 version last published 1 year, 1 month ago
    This installer installs the CD version of the game into a prefix which mimics a Windows 10 installation.
    Because this is an old game, you will run into the same issues as Windows 8/10 users. So a few steps need to be taken to make it run, get support for 16/9 and 16/10 resolutions, and get the latest patch so all mods which require it can be installed.

    This game is abandonware so it can be found here:

    Section one - Base install
    Install the game.
    Do not install DirectX 8.
    Do not install GameSpy.

    Download the 3.2 Upgrade Mod:

    Extract the archive.
    Run the following exe files in the Wine prefix:
    /JanB Extras/Patch v354b/Patch v534b Installer.exe
    /SFC3 Upgrade Mod 3.2 Setup.exe

    Choose the resolution you want to run. The largest recommended resolution is 1920x1080.

    In Lutris go into the settings of the Wine prefix, Runner options and enable the virtual desktop and enter the resolution.

    On the file system navigate to /JanB Extras/ directory.

    If there is a directory with your resolution then copy the files in that directory to the root directory of the game.

    If there isn't a directory with your resolution but you do have a 16/9 or 16/10 resolution then you can copy the files in the 169 or 1610 directory.

    Open sfc.ini which is located in the root directory of the game.

    Make sure windowed equals 0 (zero):

    Make sure makeitso equals 1 (one):

    That should be all you need to run the game.

    Section Two - Battle the Unable to save model cache error
    The reason for the d3dxof winetrick
    Without this winetrick the game will be unable to perform write actions. Settings won't be saved and when entering a mission you will be greeted with a "Unable to save model cache" error.

    While testing it became apparent that the method below works too. I left this for others who may need this information. There was only one place on the Internet which covered this issue but only half so.

    Open the file manager from Lutris and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32 directory.
    Look up d3dxof.dll and rename it to d3dxof.dll_ (put an underscore behind the file extension)
    Mount the original CD and open the DirectX/ archive;
    Extract d3dxof.dll to the game main directory;
    Go into the Wine Configuration and set d3dxof.dll to native, builtin.

    A little background on the cinematics
    When the patches are installed you will notice that the intro videos are not showing any more. This is because the SFC3 Upgrade Mod 3.2 Setup patch replaces these videos with zero length versions.

    Replacing these with the originals will crash the game. I think that is because the game wants to switch to 640x480. It works when I enable the windowed mode in sfc3.ini but as this is the cause of the black screen (also under Windows) this option is unusable. So I think the creators of the patch choose just to disable these videos.
  • Wine GOG version last published 1 year, 2 months ago

The alliance between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets has never been stronger. Together, they begin construction of a starbase with the ability to detect cloaked ships in the neutral zone. The only thing standing in their way: the Romulans. Play three-sides of an epic conflict for control of the galaxy.

Customize each ship's weapons, shields and combat systems to create thousands of ship variants. Recruit crew members who improve your fleet by gaining experience and abilities.

Engage in large-scale real-time, ship-to-ship combat. Improved multiplayer Dynaverse mode allows dozens of players to fight for galactic supremacy. An exciting multiplayer component allows you to join one of 4 empires and fight alongside and against other captains for control of the galaxy. You'll be able to form fleets with your friends to raid enemy convoys, siege planets, and attack enemy fortifications. Each victory will bring your side more prestige to bolster its forces for future conflicts.

Although the challenges are many, the goal is one: command your starship to victory for your empire.

  • Genre: Space simulation
  • Platform: Windows


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