Spider-Man (2002)

released in 2002 by Treyarch published by Activision
  • Wine CD EN version last published 1 year, 2 months ago
    Spider-Man (2002) - 2 CD english Edition
    - This script is compatible only with Spider-Man (2002) 2 CD english edition(Version=1.1 QA=2616).
    - You will need CDs only one time during install.
    - Game will be updated to 1.3 official patch version.
    - Graphics options set to maximum.
    - main game executable patched for widescreen screen with a 16:9 ratio/fov.
    - Cinematics played only at 640x480 resolution, you can only hear audio but video is all black, see https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54471
    - If you go in graphics options menu, game resolution will be reset to 640x480. In this case, open game.ini file and change GAME_RESOLUTION value to your native screen resolution.
    - You will find an Antimicrox profile file in the game folder for playing with a gamepad.
  • libretro GameCube version
  • pcsx2 Sony PlayStation 2 version

Spider-Man, the classic comic book co-created by Stan Lee, is now a major motion picture. This conversion of the movie to the video game world takes the major storyline, characters and artwork of the Spider-Man movie and adds a lengthy backstory and new characters.

The Green Goblin is the main villain here, and as Peter Parker you must defy gravity using your spider crawl, web-slinging and spider-sense abilities to track down Spidey's nemesis through the skyscapers of New York City.

The major inclusion for this title over the previous Spider-Man series (on PlayStation, also by Activision) is aerial combat. Attack the enemy mid-air while web-slinging, rise and descend while swinging and banking around buildings create a greater emphasis on Spidey's greatest asset, the spider web.

  • Genre: Action
  • Platform: GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, Windows

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