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Two years after the defeat of the evil sorcerer Yojar, the small Autonomous Principality of Xixerella, administrated in the name of the Emperor by princess-magician Sophia, is one of the most prosperous parts of the Empire. Thanks to the policy of peace and tolerance promoted by Sophia, several philosophical and religious creeds coexist in Xixerella.

One group in particular, the Society of the Inner Light, is widespread. It ostensibly aims to strenghten individual well-being through group meditation practices. After some time however strange rumors begin to circulate about what goes on in the tall tower, built by the members of the Society as their seat. Word has it that occult rites are performed there, with human beings turned into monsters, and that lethal machinery watches the place against intruders. Besides, cases of people mysteriously disappeared some time after joining the Society are reported.

One night, a guard patrol stumbles upon a horrendous and hostile creature, a sort of enormous red spider. Reinforcements are called and the soldiers, not without effort, manage to capture the beast and bring it before Sophia. She immediately senses an evil aura coming from the creature. Getting to work at once, she creates a spell that, once cast upon the monster, turns it into its original shape: a Society member who had disappeared that night.