• Genre: Casual, Educational, Puzzle
  • Platform: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Windows
  • Release year: 2001

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Show do Milhão is based on a Brazilian TV game show by the same name, hosted by Silvio Santos, a famous Brazilian TV presenter, owner of SBT, one of the greatest TV channels in Brazil.

Show do Milhão (One Million Show, in English) is basically a quiz game, with 16 questions divided in three blocks of five questions each, plus the one million question. Each question has 4 alternative answers, of which just one is right. The player wins a money prize for each right question. If he decides to stop at a certain question, he wins half of the questions' prize. If he guesses wrong, wins a quarter of the prize. But the rules are different for the last question: if he guesses wrong, he looses all the money he has won during the game. If he stops, takes half the prize as usual.