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Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja is a stealth based ninja game for the PSP. It is known as Shinobido Homura in Japan.

After the events of the previous game, the Asuka ninja successfully rebuilt their village. The story begins when Goh receives a letter from the Amurita Faith leader Lady Sadame stating that the Fudo province lord Kagetora Akame hired the Taraba ninja leader Kabuto to steal her documents. Utakata lord Nobuteru Ichijo plans to marry the daughter of the neighboring lord, Princess Azami, but her father will only accept, if Goh eliminates the Kenobi ninja. On the wedding day, mysterious bandits attack Ichijo, but are stopped by Goh who is then sent to investigate. Goh finds at that three samurai generals have been betraying Ichijo, captures one of them, and discovers that Miroku, Sadame's priestess, was responsible on the wedding incident. The documents he retrieves from Akame were Sadame's diaries stating that the Amuritha Faith is just her creation. Goh heads to Miroku's convent, defeats her, then suddenly vanishes. In the morning, Zaji and Kinu search for Goh at the convent, but they find nothing but dead bodies of Miroku and her followers. Kinu, in a sad voice, says that 'he left us again'.