Shadow Fighter

released in 1995 by NA.P.S. Team published by Gremlin Interactive

Shadow Fighter was one of the few Mortal Kombat influenced beat 'em ups released for the Amiga. There are 16 fighters, each with their own home country and arena, plus Pupazz, a puppet you could repeatedly attack to practice moves. The usual sequence of best-of-3 fights is on offer, with variable difficulty and optional blood. The control system is designed around a one-button controller, but still offers 25 moves for each player, with special moves executed by spinning the joystick round 180 degrees. Each arena features multi-layer parallax, with up to 80 colors.

* More fighters than any other Amiga beat ‘em up
* Easy play 1 button joystick control system
* Blood option during match for ultra-violence
* 1 or 2 player option, naturally
* 8MB of fighter graphics with over 150 frames per character
* At least 25 different moves per fighter
* An average of 64 parallax levels on every screen
* Unique training mode with a specially armed puppet!

  • Genre: Fighting
  • Platform: Amiga, Amiga CD32


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