• Genre: Action, Platform
  • Platform: Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega Master System
  • Release year: 1990

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The young ninja battles together with his faithful pet dog. In the center of the city, a group of terrorists are committing every imaginable atrocity known to man, including the planting of time bombs throughout the metropolis. Our youthful hero and his canine companion courageously set out to gather all the explosives placed by the evil gang and annihilate the syndicate that manipulates them.[3]

The protagonist is never actually named in the original arcade version, although the various home versions gives him differing identities. The manual and packaging description for the Master System version identifies him as Takashi,[4] although the attract sequence in this same version contradicts this by naming him Fuma. The manual for the home computer versions produced by U.S. Gold, claims that he is Joe Musashi himself,[5] with one print ad for the game referencing Kato and Sauros (who were characters from the Genesis version).[6]