• Genre: Fighting
  • Platform: Arcade, Neo Geo CD, Nintendo Wii, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, Sony Playstation 3, Sony PSP
  • Release year: 1995

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An endless sea of blood floods the realm as the demonic Zankuro slashes a path of grisly terror! But even Zankuro can't be everywhere. Some say fate lent a hand when a dozen infants escaped the slaughter! Now, years later, 12 revenge-driven samurai begin their violent quest... for the head of Zankuro!

* A nearly flawless translation of the huge arcade #1 game of the year!
* Play all 12 deadly samurai! Fight as the monk, wanderer, American ninja, executioner, snow maiden, aesthetic perfectionist, and more!
* Packed with fantastic Japanese animé and phenomenal moves including 24 different attack modes and 96 special moves and full power attacks.
* NEW - DOUBLE IDENTITIES! All warriors have two separate "moods" that determinate their moves. Will you use Chivalry or Treachery to attack Zankuro?!
* New Rage Gauge and POWer Gauge intensify every slash and thrust!