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rRootage is an arcade style shooting game. Avoid the barrage of bullets while using your laser to destroy the enemy’s battle ship.


Normal Mode:
This is the standard game mode. Your ship slows down while your laser
is being fired. The special key releases a bomb, which destroys enemy
bullets. The number of bombs you have is displayed in the bottom-right

PSY Mode (Psyvariar-like) :
When bullets graze your ship the graze meter, which is displayed in the
bottom-right corner, increases. When the meter becomes full, your ship
is temporarily invincible. The special key increases the range within
which bullets graze your ship, but also slows your ship down.

IKA Mode (Ikaruga-like):
Your ship has two modes, white and black, and the enemy bullets come in
white and black varieties. You can absorb bullets with the same colour
as the mode of your ship, and they will be converted into lasers. The
special key switches between white and black mode.

GW Mode (Gigawing-like):
Your ship has a bullet reflector, which you activate using the special
key. However, you can only use it while the reflector meter, shown in
the bottom right corner, displays "OK".