Rob Blanc II: Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence

released in 2000 by Ben Croshaw

In Better Days of a Defender of the Universe you play Rob Blanc, a chip shop worker from England who has been selected from millions of bored but adventurous people to become an intergalactic hero. The High Ones, dwellers of the Higher Plain and auditors of all the known universe, have decided that the Evil in the galaxy has become too great, and they need a way to vanquish the hordes of Darkness. So they chose Rob as the most suitable candidate from the only neutral planet in the universe, Earth.

In this second chapter of the series, Rob is very nearly the Defender of the Universe, but the High Ones insist on him going for a holiday on Earth before he leaves (they haven't built the ship yet). However, during his stay Rob gets stuck in a lift with an enigmatic teenager, and that's where you come in... get the hell out of that lift, and try not to be too surprised when you do!

I've pulled out all the stops to fill this chapter with much more fun, thrills, spills and challenge than the last one. Visit an alien world! Go skin diving! Come back from the dead! It's all here in RBII.


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