River City Ransom

released in 1990 by Technos Japan published by Technos

"I hold your girlfriend, Cyndi, captive. With my gangs of students and vicious bosses roaming the streets, nobody can stop me now. If you want her back, come to River City High." -Slick

Slick, the meanest, most powerful gang lord in River City, has issued this ultimatum - and the entire town is powerless in a grip of fear! Fortunately, Alex and Ryan weren't in school the day Slick took it over. But now, their fellow students are prisoners - including Ryan's girlfriend! It's up to our two young heroes to battle their way past several dangerous city gangs, then defeat the gang lord to free the students of River City High and restore peace to the panic-stricken populace!

Lively dialogue colors each character. Listen carefully for clues, or smack a punk around if he talks too much.
Be a mallrat and stock up on food and items. Discover dollars on downed deadbeats.
The game keeps track of exactly how you play. Load up your data or a friend's to fight a computer clone.
Completely customize your game--difficulty, speed, name, look, game balance, and strategy are all yours to control.
Build up your reputation and form a posse. If you're bad enough, reformed bosses may even join your crew.
Discover new characters and techniques every time you play. The journey will adapt to your unique style of gaming!

  • Genre: Action, Beat'em up
  • Platform: Family Computer Disk System, NES, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 4


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