Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots

released in 2004 by Big Huge Games published by Microsoft Game Studios

The Rise of Nations®: Thrones & Patriots expansion pack adds to the game that already covers all of history. Start with a single ancient village, and grow it into a world-spanning empire. To use this expansion pack, you must have the original Rise of Nations installed on your computer.
Thrones and Patriots expands on a variety of features in the original game, such as new monuments (called "Wonders"), nations, governments, and campaigns. Gameplay still remains similar to Rise of Nations, with its wide span of ages and players still manage and expand their nations at the macro and micro levels. However, Thrones and Patriots has campaigns which offer more turn-based strategy features than the original and the ability to make decisions outside of combat. Up to eight players can play in multiplayer matches, with artificial intelligence being able to fill slots at the server host's choice.

  • Genre: Real-time strategy
  • Platform: Windows

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