released in 2002
  • Linux Native version last published 1¬†month, 3¬†weeks ago
    v0.3c 64 bit
    The game will throw the error "Default Pk3 file(s) are missing, corrupt, or modified. You need to reinstall Q3Rally in order to play on pure servers" on run, pressing OK still runs the game. This is a known issue of 0.3c that is planned to be fixed in the upcoming 0.4 release.

Q3Rally is a car driving and car combat standalone game originally started as a Quake 3 mod, as a successor to the popular Quake mod. It is based on Ioquake3.

  • Genre: Car combat, Indie, Racing, Rally
  • Platform: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Website: www.q3rally.com

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