Punch Line

released in 2016
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Punch Line is an upcoming Japanese adventure game with puzzle elements and is based on the Punch Line multimedia franchise. The game has the players visiting the heroines’ rooms in search of the “Nandala Gandala” book. While doing this, you can select a point in the room to try and trigger a prank. If your prank is successful and you level up, Chiranosuke will appear and the story will advance. When the player peeks at the heroines’ panties, their “Outbreak Gauge” will increase, and if it reaches its max, the entire human race is destroyed. The story will follow parts and mysteries not seen in the anime, as well as have different endings. According to scenario writer Kotaro Uchikoshi, the game adds 10 episodes over the 12-episode anime and the second half of the game will have entirely different mechanisms than the first half.

  • Platform: PlayStation Vita, Sony Playstation 4, Windows

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