Primal Rage

released in 1994 by Atari Games published by Atari Games
  • libretro 3DO version
  • libretro Arcade version
  • libretro Game Boy version
  • libretro Sega 32X version
  • libretro Sega Game Gear version
  • libretro Sega Genesis / Mega Drive version
  • libretro Sega Saturn version
  • libretro Sony PlayStation version
  • libretro Super Nintendo version

Select one of seven ferocious dinosaurs, then pound your opponents into submission as you battle for Urth Domination. Blizzard's Freeze Breath and Ice Geyser fighting moves stop you cold just before his Mega Punch hammers you senseless. Diabol's Inferno Flash cooks up a firestorm in one dino-barbecuing breath, and the foul, disgusting Chaos dazes you with an abundant supply of Power Puke, Farts of Fury, and Flying Butt Slams.

Armadon's Gut Gouger and Gut Fling, Sauron's Cranium Crusher, Talon's Face Ripper, and Shredding and Vertigo's Scorpion Sting - every original arcade fighting and fatality move is at your fingertips! Get Ready to Rage!

  • Genre: Arcade, Fighting
  • Platform: 3DO, Amiga, Arcade, Atari Jaguar, Game Boy, Game Boy, MS-DOS, Sega 32X, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, Super Nintendo

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