• Genre: Real-time strategy
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation, Windows
  • Developer: Bullfrog
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release year: 1998

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With Populous, the god-sim was created. Millions of gamers were converted. A new genre was born.
Now Bullfrog challenge you to achieve immortality in the first ever true 3D, real time strategy game.

Tame wildmen and train tribesmen in stunningly beautiful worlds. Make them worship the ground you walk on.
Wield your earth shattering powers to wreak havoc and hold them under your command. Turn up the heat of battle with erupting colcanoes, or summon the skies to rain fire on your rivals. Spread plagues among non-believers or direct a tornado into the heart of enemy tribes.

But don't let the power go to your head; you're not a god.... yet.

- A unique, powerful 3D engine brings you a 360 degree, fully rotating globe complete with curved horizons.
- Stunningly beautiful graphics allow you to watch over your domain from on high or zoom down to a richly detailed ground level perspective.
- Master 25 levels where you can raise and lower land masses.
- With 26 spells at your command, you have the power to inflict devastating damage on non-believers. Volcanoes, earth-quakes, lightning storms and tornadoes are just a few of the mighty resources at your fingertips.
- Combine warriors, spells, buildings and vehicles to customise attack and defence strategies.
- Multiplayer, supporting 4 players on internet and LAN.