• Genre: jRPG, RPG
  • Platform: Game Boy
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release year: 1996

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You've finally been granted your Pokemon trainer's license. Now, it's time to head out to become the world's greatest Pokemon trainer. It's going to take all you've got to collect 150 Pokemon in this enormous world. Catch and train monsters like the shockingly-cute Pikachu. Face off against Blastoise's torrential water cannons. Stand strong when facing Pidgeot's stormy Gust. Trade with friends and watch your Pokemon evolve. Important - no single Pokemon can win it all. Can you develop the ultimate Pokemon strategy to defeat the eight GYM Leaders and become the greatest Pokemon Master of all time?

* Collect up to 139 different Pokemon playing the Blue version. Using the Game Link cable (sold separately), trade with a friend who has the Red version to capture all 150.
* You'll need to use both versions (Red and Blue) to collect all of the Pokemon.
* Test your training skills by battling against a friend using the Game Link cable (sold separately).
* Save your Pokemon collection and game progress on the Game Pak memory.
* Requires basic reading skills to fully enjoy the entertaining story.