• Genre: Life simulation
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation
  • Release year: 1997

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Your new best friend . . .

Taking the nature of virtual pets to an altogether deeper level, Pet in TV lets you raise an artificial pet (P.I.T.), train it to obey you, feed and pamper it, and teach it everything it needs to know about its new virtual world.

Though the P.I.T.'s outward appearance is akin to a robotic motorised egg, with the right nurturing it can grow and become more intelligent just like a real pet. Once it is fully trained, your P.I.T. can then explore its virtual world in search of valuable AI-chips that can later be used to build the ultimate Gold P.I.T. pet. And each P.I.T. has its own personality, which you can choose before it is "born"; cheeky ones tend to be more adventurous, quiet ones more obedient - the choice of P.I.T. personality governs just how you and your P.I.T. will get along!

There are five different personalities to choose from, and your choice affects the outcome of each game. Choose a shy one and it'll do everything you tell them, choose a highly individual one and watch it run riot!

8 stages full of items and creatures that will attract your best friends's attention in a colourful and puzzle-packed world.