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Owari is a variant of Mancala where players strategically attempt to capture stones from their opponent's row.

Easy to learn, hard to master
Owari is a very simple game at it's core: grab the stones in a pit, sow them around the board. Landing in a pit with 2 or 3 will result in some points. First to 25 points, wins. The game includes a tutorial to get you through the basics.

Practice makes perfect
Owari will come with 3 levels of AI difficulty that should offer up different levels of challenge to the player. The easy AI will greedily attempt to capture all that it can without much regard to defense, while the medium AI is a little more careful about leaving itself open. Finally, the hard AI will attempt to think one step ahead in order to defeat the more advanced players.

Two is better than one
Be it local or online, Owari will allow you to play with a friend (or stranger) with it's different multiplayer modes. If you're playing online, you can choose from hosting a private lobby for a friend, or waiting/joining a match in the public lobby.

Extra Info
Owari was heavily inspired by the DOS game "Wari: The Ancient Game of Africa", redone with a modern aesthetic. It is meant to be a very simple, play-it-during-your-break sort of game. Special thanks to Rachel Franco and Marius Ioan for their help in testing and debugging.