• Genre: Racing
  • Platform: X68000
  • Release year: 1992

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Overtake is a first-person perspective racing game featuring all teams, drivers and circuits from the 1992 Formula One World Championship.

There are 3 game modes available: Quick Race, Test Run and World Championship. There's also a database feature with information about the drivers, teams as well as car specs. In car setting menu players can fine-tune their car including front and rear wings, suspension, camber and gear ratios, plus choose tires, whether to have either manual or automatic gear shifting and select number of gears.

In terms of options the game offers 2 difficulty levels (easy and normal), damage can be toggled on or off, number of cars on track in World Championship can be set from 10 to 26, plus duration of qualifying session (5-60 minutes) and race length (from 10% to 100%) can be adjusted as well. Weather can be set to random or that of the 1992 season. There's also a choice of either digital or analog tachometer and animation for shifting gears (floor or butterfly).

Two player quick race is also available requiring 2 copies of the game, two X68000s and an RS-232C cable.