released in 1999 published by Infogrames


In the year 2007, the US government successfully deploys a probe designed to prove the existence of a parallel universe. Minutes into the mission, an intelligent alien life form damages the probe. On Earth, an unforeseen backlash of energy creates a black hole which threatens the very existence of the planet. You are Cutter Slade, a US Navy S.E.A.L. Commander, charged with the safety of the three scientists who have been chosen to travel to this new world, Adelpha. Your mission: confront the dangers of a mysterious and hostile world in order to recover the probe and close the black hole.

6 VAST AND DIVERSE CONTINENTS, inhabited by thousands of living creatures, both friend and foe.

TOTAL FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: you can climb, crawl, swim, talk, ride, fight, etc.

GADGETS & WEAPONS: flame-thrower, tripwire, explosives, X-ray glasses, invisibility, tracer gun, dart gun, perforator gun and the crowd dispersing boomer gun... and a lot more to discover.

GROUND-BREAKING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: interact with characters and creatures who behave with unprecedented levels of realism.

1ST AND 3RD PERSON CAMERA PERSPECTIVES which dynamically reacts intuitively to every situation you encounter.

ORIGINAL MUSICAL SCORE performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

  • Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Third-person shooter
  • Platform: Windows


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