released in 2014 published by Degica
  • Linux version last published 6 months, 1 week ago
    A library ( needs to be preloaded to get this to work on most modern Linux systems. This installer sets the LD_PRELOAD environment variable when the game is being run, but you might need to set a specific LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the configuration (after installation in the gui) if your system uses something outside of the usual e.g. "/usr/lib". The library also might need to be sourced if your system doesn't end up having it already. This should hopefully work out of the box for most installs, though.

    The bug seems to have appeared following updates to GLib that affected AppImages created with an older version of GLib. It might go away if the published AppImage is updated or if the bug is resolved between the GLib and AppImage projects.
  • Steam Steam version last published 4 years, 7 months ago
  • auto Steam(Auto) version
    Make sure you have connected your Steam account in Lutris and that you own this game.

OneShot is a surreal top down Puzzle/Adventure game with unique gameplay capabilities. You are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. The world knows you exist.

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