Octordle Online

released in 1998 by Ace Enterprise published by Accursed Toys

Discover Springtrap. Finding Springtrap, who is typically in cam 10, is the first thing to accomplish when a night begins. Keep the camera focused on him. He might blur the image on the screen to make movement possible. If he does this, search the footage to identify him. Only shut off the camera if something went wrong.
Employ the audio. Use the audio button, which is just above the vent camera toggle on the bottom left of the camera layout, to entice Springtrap to a nearby camera. Remember that you can't use it in the vents; rather, double click on the vent to seal it if you spot him inside.
Take only essential glances to the left. Unless there is a mistake or you see Springtrap running by the window, there is no reason to look to the left. If it is getting close to dawn, you can keep staring at him until it is six in the morning if he is within eyeshot of your room (not in a camera, but outside your office). The optimum time to do this is when the night has already come to an end.
Watch the vents all the time. Click "Toggle Map" and look through all of the vent cameras if you hear sounds coming from a vent that resembles the one in FNAF 2. If he is in a vent, double click to seal it, forcing him to go another way. Sealing a vent that he isn't in truly serves no use and is of no assistance.
Ignore Phantom Freddy. Simply open your maintenance panel or camera if you spot him walking past your office window. If you look at him too long and wait for him to get to the end of the hall, he will just jump terrify you. You are then free to lower your maintenance panel or camera.

  • Genre: Action-adventure, Artillery
  • Platform: 3DO, Acorn Electron
  • Website: octordle.io

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